Daily Squirrel editor denies any knowledge of “Fake news”

Cyrille the squirrel, seen here researching stories for 2day’s edition of The Daily Squirrel Poo.

In 2day’s Daily Squirrel, the editor of the highly acclaimed and multi award winning satirical news website, The Daily Squirrel Poo, has denied all knowledge of publishing ‘fake news’ stories on his website.

“It’s just nuts!” said Cyrille D’Squirrel “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers, my publishing empire might print a few saucy, or controversial stories from time to time, but they are all from legitimate and easily bought sources” he added, before preening his silky fur coat.

“OK, some of our stories do come from interesting contacts, but there is absolutely no truth in the accusation that Dodgy Roger, Fingers Harry and Edwardian Fred, are on the fiddle, and the stories we buy from these chaps are fake.  The stories are actually entirely made up facts, and totally untrue, not in the slightest bit fake.” he continued, in between nibbling on his nuts.

“We take our definition of fake news very seriously, and benchmark ourselves firmly against the morale compass of the President of America, Donald Trump.”

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