BBC launches TV Channel for Scotland with subtitles for English viewers

Braveheart, one of a few select films which will be shown continually on the new Scottish channel

In 2day’s Squirrel Poo, the BBC has announced a new BBC Scotland TV channel which will only broadcast programmes the Scottish will understand.

BBC Director general Tony Hall said the plans were designed to appeal to the “millions of Scots who love TV but struggle to understand the English accent”.

“We found that our share of the Scottish viewing figures was remarkably low, and when we asked the Scottish public what they wanted, we think they told us it was a TV channel that catered for their unique accent, but viewers in the rest of Britain needn’t worry, as they will be able to watch with subtitles.”

Bosses at the broadcaster say they are making the ‘single biggest investment’ north of the border for more than 20 years, with £19million per year to be spent on endlessly repeating Mel Gibson’s Braveheart and Scotland’s 1-0 win against Germany from April 1999.

Daisy Mc Taggart, 31, from Dundee told our reporter.  “Och, its a wee bit of greeet newz, I canney wayt to see Bully Cunnully an Rab C Nesbi on a nu Scoish chanul, ……Jimmy”.

Once we have translated what she said, we will let you know.

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