Cheryl not pregnant just fat, apparently

Who ate all the pies/is having a baby?

In 2day’s Daily Squirrel Poo, Cheryl Tweedy, Cole, Tweedy, Fernandez-Versini, Tweedy, soon to be Payne, is rumoured not to be pregnant, but just very fat, according to reports, with rumours circulating that she has had too many pies and pints of Newcastle Brown ale.

The 33-year-old alleged singer has previously refused to comment on whether she and Liam Payne were expecting a child, but was seen a few weeks ago munching on a Pukka Pie, so the rumours must be true, caused by a North East lifestyle of fine dining debauchery and excess living.

Cheryl was unable for comment, because we believe she was in the Porkie Pies pie shop, enjoying their spectacular Steak and Kidney Pie.  It is also possible she is in Mothercare buying baby items.  Who knows?

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