Obama caught spying on President Trump

US President Obama Visits Dresden
Former president Obama listens intently..

In 2 day’s Daily Squirrel Poo, US President Donald Trump has claimed that Trump Tower in New York is under surveillance by former president Obama, apparently “sat in a grey Lincoln Continental, parked outside.”

“He’s sat there disguised in the driver’s seat, wearing a Bears baseball cap and dark glasses, with a large pair of binoculars, a Starbucks coffee and a cheese sandwich.  The only way we knew it was Obama is because of the Secret Service protection team sat in the three vehicles behind him.” said Mr Trump’s special advisor, Kle Verdude.

Mr Obamas spokesperson said that the ex-president was away at the moment, and unable to comment on the rumours.  When asked of his whereabouts, he advised that Mr Obama was away hunting a big white Grizzly bear…

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