QCHQ Confirms ‘hilarious’ wiretapping of Donald Trump


In 2 day’s Squirrel Poo, Britain’s communications intelligence agency GCHQ has issued a statement confirming it wiretapped Donald Trump during the US presidential campaign.

The unusual move by the agency came after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer cited claims first made on US TV channel Fox News earlier this week.

GCHQ responded by saying the allegations were “Absolutely true, we couldn’t believe the complete and utter nonsense that Trump and his campaign team spouted throughout the election, it was absolutely hilarious!”.

GCHQ spokesperson Dan Germouse said that “Never before has spying on a public figure been so much fun.  We had to stop spying on Mr Trump in the end, our sides were so sore through laughing at all his ridiculous speeches and policy decisions.”

Mt Trump was unavailable for comment, it is believed he is busy building a wall along the US border with Mexico, and it may take a while…

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