Cadbury’s to sell Easter Eggs all year long

A Cadbury’s Chocolate Egg, is for life, not just for Easter

In 2day’s daily squirrel poo, Easter egg and chocolate company Cadbury has reportedly decided to make and sell Easter eggs all year long, not just for Easter.

“It’s true”, said Cadbury’s PR manager, Ima Goodegg “we have decided that our chocolate Easter Eggs are so good, that we will now sell them all year round, with subtle changes in packaging to reflect the seasons”.

“The Cadbury’s Christmas Egg, will be in shops alongside Cadbury Christmas stocking. selection boxes and all other conceivable chocolate merchandise early Q4, being preceded earlier in the year by Summer Holiday Eggs, Autumn Eggs, Halloween Eggs and Bonfire Night Eggs.  For our American customers, we will be also offering Thanks-giving Eggs.” she concluded.

There will be no change to the much loved Cadbury Creme Egg, which as we all know, is sold throughout the year already.

Cadbury customer and chocolate aficionado, Ann Dairymilk, 33, from Bourneville, told our reporter that “Those chaps at Cadbury are really ‘good eggs’.  I can’t wait to try all these new seasonal eggs, and in particular the Christmas Egg, which will be most welcome because, let’s face it – we just can’t get enough chocolate at Christmas time”.

In other news, the Easter Bunny has announced his retirement, in a brief statement he told reporters that he couldn’t face the added competition form Cadbury’s and had decided to get out now, whilst the going was good.

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